Top 10 Parenting Magazines in 2019

Apr 01, 2019


Top 10 Parenting Magazines in 2019 Top 10 Parenting Magazines in 2019

One way to learn about parenting is by reading parenting magazines! They contain important and handy information on all aspects of parenting. These magazines are great for parents who look for guidance and advice on various topics such as basic baby care, creative projects, preparing their child for preschool, health tips, balancing work life and home, and more. 

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There are many parenting magazines to choose from, and different magazines focus on different topics.

Here are the top 10 parenting magazines in 2019:

1. Parents 

The top childcare experts of this magazine explain proven parenting techniques and offer great advice to modern dads and moms. 

2. FamilyFun 

This magazine focuses on parents with children ages 3 to 12. It provides a range of options for the family time including travel ideas, creative projects, and educational pursuits. 

3. Working Mother 

This magazine contains articles and other contents for working moms. It covers topics including balancing home and work life, inspirational interviews, careers, and health tips.

4. Scholastic

This magazine makes sure that parents know how to play an active role in development of their children. It covers topics ranging from how to teach children to gain independence to what to expect from preschool teachers to finding after-school programs.

5. Pregnancy & Newborn 

It contains everything that you need for a healthy, happy pregnancy, and gives helpful guides in caring for your newborn baby.

6. Fit Pregnancy and Baby

It covers nutritional guides, safe workouts, baby gear to keep you healthy, happy, and fit during your pregnancy. It also covers medical news. 

7. Your Teen 

It contains up-to-date, realistic insight and advice about common teen topics and problems including peer pressure, dating, school, and driving.

8. You & Your Family

It shares the latest information for expectant and new parents. You can find useful information and tips on a wide variety of topics including parenting. 


It helps parents to make sound choices for their families from serving well balanced and healthy snacks and meals to selecting a friendly vacation destination. 

10. Military Spouse 

It is a national magazine solely intended for the USA military spouses. It covers all aspects of military life, including parenting tips. 

Choose the one that best suits your interests!