Is Meditation Helpful for Preschoolers?

The benefits of meditation have been scientifically proven by various studies. Meditation has helped many adults gain peace of mind, confidence, concentration and most importantly, develop a positive attitude.

In this jet-setting age, people do not have the time to take proper care of themselves. It raises serious concern over the well-being of children. After much experimentation and research, it was found that meditation has a positive impact on the children. It brings about an immediate behavioral change in the preschoolers. It is advisable for parents to teach their children to meditate.

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How to Teach Colors to Your Child

Activities involving clay modeling is an excellent tool to teach your preschooler the concept of colors. Especially for those who enjoy being hands-on, clay modeling can be highly engaging. Children can be encouraged to build different things out of the same color and learn the difference between them. They can also mix different colors to get a new color.

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