Should Preschools Teach Self Defense to Children?

Mar 07, 2022

Child Learning

Should Preschools Teach Self Defense to Children? Should Preschools Teach Self Defense to Children?

The safety of children has always been a concern for parents. There has been a rapid increase in the children related crimes over past few years in the U.S. According to the U.S Department of Justice, more than 58,000 children are abducted every year by strangers. Most of these criminals pry for the right opportunity.


It's high time now that we should think seriously about the safety of our children. There are various forms of self-defense available for adults. Why not teach some wonderful self-defense techniques to our children as well? It will work towards the benefit and safety of our children and we will live in a better society.

Some of the advantages of teaching self-defense to children are:

Increases Confidence

In self-defense training, children keep learning skills that are all new and unique. With constant effort and practice, children start feeling confident which ultimately reflects in their attitude.

Better Analysis of Surroundings

Children will become more practical and analyze their surroundings in a better way. Self-defense training helps them make better choices. The best part of the self-defense training is that they learn to avoid danger.

Fighting Skills

Children are taught how to attack their assailants. A child learns about targeting the vital parts such as eyes and groins of their assailants. They are well trained to fight with smart tricks. Even if the attacker is double their size, they will be able to defend themselves and escape with these clever moves.

Develops Determination

Self-defense training grooms children in a way that they develop tremendous will-power and determination. Once they are determined to do any work, they will not budge till it gets completed.


All self-defense techniques are good exercise. These help children become strong and flexible. It improves their memory power, concentration, and appetite.

Teach how to deal with bullying and rough play

A good self-defense program teaches children gentle solutions that emphasize the utilization of voice and non-violent methods to guard their personal space if and when they are "attacked" by other children. This will help them develop nonviolent conflict resolution skills as they grow.

Helps to Learn Respect

During a self defense session your child will need to show respect to their teachers and peers if they want to learn everything. Your youngster will acquire lessons in self-respect and respect for others while participating in martial arts and self-defense training.

Improves Fitness and Coordination 

During self-defense training, your children’s locomotor, non-locomotor, and manipulative movements create gross and fine motor skills, which results in a fine improvement in fitness. Due to this, the children will have better coordination, strength, balance, agility, speed, cardio, and reactive power.

Teaches Danger Awareness

With self-defense practices, your children will learn how to be aware of their situation with the help of their senses. This is one of the most significant aspects of self-defense for kids: Teaching them to be aware of their surroundings can keep them safe.

Children in preschool should also learn self-defense to protect themselves from attackers and become strong individuals.

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