How to Select the Name That Suits Your Little Angel

Naming a Baby

A name is a person’s identity and this name helps define the person. You may be surprised to learn a name can also forge a person’s personality. So, selecting a name for your little angel should never be taken lightly.

  • Research the Meaning We all have a few special names that we dream of naming our kids. Practically, all names have a meaning attached to them. You want to make sure the meaning is in sync with the family and also the aspirations you may harbor for your little one.

  • Write Down the Name Writing down a name you love will give you a clearer perspective on it. There are no two ways about it – you’ll either adore the name or detest it. Usually, it is best to keep writing the name several times and then like a bolt of lightning you know whether it’s apt for your angel.

  • Say It Aloud Try saying the name out loudly rather than whispering it in your mind. Gauge and experience how the name sounds when it is said out loud. Does it sound nice, plain or fantastic?

  • Check the Spelling A differently or uniquely spelled name may sound trendy and hip, but it can be a nuisance constantly correcting people. This doesn’t mean you can't opt for names spelled differently; you can. But, be mindful of the problems it can create for your little one later in life.

  • Is Name Future Ready? A cute adorable name sounds great for a chubby newborn. But do you want this light of your life to go about in future with a cutesy name? Someday your angel may head a company or become someone really important. As new parents we think about the present and often overlook the future. Don’t do that!

  • It’s Okay Not to be Crazy About the Name It sounds weird, but it is perfectly alright if you don’t adore your baby’s first name. You may end up naming your little one after a parent, close friend or because your spouse loves the name. The main thing to remember is you love the child and sooner or later identify her with the name you finalize.

  • Keep the Name a Secret It is best to keep the name quiet and not inform everyone about your selection. Remember, name associations are very common and the last thing you want to hear from a friend or family member that somebody else has also named his or her daughter the same name.

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Dorothy Hastings

Dorothy Hastings is the Director of First School, which are three Preschool and child care centers located throughout Southern California. First School provides a hands-on approach to preschool education and child care programs that emphasizes all around child development. In addition to their intuitive academic approach, First School also focuses on developing a child's social skills and self-confidence, which is made possible in their intimate learning atmosphere.

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