Make Learning Fun for Your Child with Alphabet Bingo Game

Mar 25, 2020

Kids Learning

Make Learning Fun for Your Child with Alphabet Bingo Game Make Learning Fun for Your Child with Alphabet Bingo Game

Keeping your child engaged and motivated while learning can be difficult. Teaching the same lessons again and again without considering your child’s interest and involvement won’t produce the desired results. Children love playing games, so use the same strategy while teaching them to make learning fun and effective for them.Preshooler

Play the alphabet bingo game with your child to keep them involved and excited when learning. Alphabet bingo game is a simple, fun way of teaching alphabets to preschoolers. This game will help your child learn the alphabet while they play. 

How to Play the Alphabet Bingo Game

 This game is played like a traditional bingo game and can be played with one or more children. Here’s how you can play the game with your child:

  • Have alphabet cards and put them in a bowl.
  • Draw a card from the bowl and call out the letter.
  • Now, have your child search for the letter on the bingo card and cover them with a small item like buttons, gems, bottle caps, etc.
  • If they get five in a row, they get bingo.
  • Instead of saying the letter, you can say any word starting with the letter. 

You can also follow these ways to play the game:

  • Give your child upper and lower case letter bingo cards and something to cover the spots. Use the letter cards and say the letters to your child with or without showing them. Your child will explore and find both the capital and lowercase letter on their game cards. 
  • Give your child a capital or lower case letter bingo card and a small item to cover the letters. Use the letter cards to show your child a capital or lower case letter. Your child will cover the corresponding lower case or capital letter on their game card. 

You can either make your alphabet bingo game cards or buy them from the store. This game will provide substantial learning benefits to your kids, including:

  • Letter recognition
  • Social skills, such as taking turns and communication with other players.
  • Oral language development – your child hears the sound and says it out loud.
  • Reading and writing development - learning the sound and name of the letter.
  • Development of fine motor skills – Movements of hands and fingers while playing the game.
  • Sensory development – Hearing, seeing, touching, feeling, and manipulating objects.
  • Eye and hand coordination 

You can make learning fun for your child by playing this creative alphabet bingo game.