Independence Day: Teach Your Kids the True Value of 4th July

Jun 23, 2020

Kids Learning

Independence Day: Teach Your Kids the True Value of 4th July Independence Day: Teach Your Kids the True Value of 4th July

Independence Day is a lot more than hot dogs and fireworks. It is never too early to begin teaching your kids the true meaning of why we celebrate Independence Day every year. History doesn’t have to be boring, and you can make learning one of the most important days in our history both fun and educational. There are many 4th of July themed activities that can make learning fun and interesting.

Independence Day

Make a Flag Cake

Get your kids to help you make and decorate a flag cake as you teach them about the history of our flag. Use a one-layer cake frosted in vanilla icing. Use blueberries for the blue background behind the stars and strawberries for the red stripes. Teach kids the meaning of the number of stars and stripes, what the first flag looked like, and what the flag means in terms of our country’s values.

Take a Virtual Field Trip

If you live near a historical landmark, plan a visit. If you don’t live nearby or can’t visit, don’t worry. Take a virtual trip. The internet is a wondrous way to visit times and places we can’t actually visit. Take your children on virtual field trips to the Liberty Bell, Gettysburg, or the signing of the Constitution.

Teach About Important Symbols

Why is the bald eagle our National Bird? What does the Seal of the USA look like and what do the individual symbols on it stand for? Kids love to learn facts, and this is a chance to teach them things they may not learn in school.

Make a Patriotic Wreath

Involve your kids in creating a colorful wreath in red, white, and blue that shows off your American pride. It’s a great way to decorate your home in a patriotic theme. Kids will enjoy this craft and will be filled with patriotic fervor.

Re-enact the Boston Tea Party

Get out old clothes and make costumes. Explain what happened that caused the Boston Tea Party and what happened afterward. Have the kids act out the event. This will help the kids learn about one of the most important historical events of the American Revolution.

Attend a Re-enactment and Fireworks There are many events offering Revolutionary War re-enactments on Independence Day. Take the family and tell the story as they watch the action. You can end the day with an awesome firework display!
Take this opportunity to talk to your kids about American values and the significance of the 4th of July.

Sing Patriotic Songs

Singing patriotic songs with your children can be great fun. This will help them learn more about America’s history. You can sing the National Anthem or search for patriotic songs on the internet or YouTube.

Visit a Nearby History Museum

Exploring history museums can be very exciting for your kids. They display artifacts related to America’s history. Visiting a local history museum enables children to learn more about their country. 

Attend a Local Parade

Visit a local 4th of July parade with your kids and show them the veterans marching in it. Explain to them how these veterans serve the country and why we should honor them. You can even stand and clap for them to show respect toward them.   

Paper Rockets

Your kids will love playing with paper rockets. The items you need to make them are construction paper, empty toilet paper rolls, glue, scissors, and colors. Once finished, have your kids decorate the paper rockets with the colors of the American Flag to get in the creative and patriotic mood.

Firecracker Popcorn Bags

This attractive DIY craft idea can be done quickly as all you need is paper, glue, and fringe scissors. Design it with the American Flag as the theme to show your 4th of July spirit. 

Fourth of July Ribbon Wand

Your kids will definitely like this craft idea. You can make a colorful ribbon wand in no time with sticks, ribbon, and glue. It is perfect for cheering on the floats at a Fourth of July parade. 

Painted Lawn Star

Your kids are going to love this fun-filled activity. Ask your kids to help you decorate your lawn and outdoor area. You can paint red, blue, and white stars on your lawn grass with construction marking paint. 

These activities are great to teach your kids the true value of 4th July.