Incredible Celebration of Christmas with Unanimity

Incredible Celebration of Christmas with Unanimity

During the holiday season, it is easy to get caught up in your own celebrations. While there is nothing wrong with honoring your tried and true traditions, it can also be powerful to learn about how other cultures celebrate Christmas. Studying varying Christmas celebrations around the world is a great way to teach children about respecting diversity while gaining a new perspective on the holiday.

Select and Learn As so many countries celebrate Christmas, the first thing that you have to do is decide which place you would like to know about. Opt for a wide selection of countries such as Italy, Mexico, Sweden, and Poland. It is best practice to select a maximum of four or five countries during a given holiday season so that you can study all of them in full without feeling rushed or overwhelmed.

Christmas With Kids

Fun with Kids Once you have selected your countries, take time to locate them on the map. You'll also want to obtain a flag of each country. Then think about equipping the kids with some travel essentials, such as passports and plane tickets. You can even make construction paper suitcases that the kids can use to store their holiday unit materials and finished work. Children enjoy pretending to go on a trip, such as simulating riding on an airplane and visiting popular sites in different countries.

Christmas Crafts from Various Countries Research Christmas traditions for the given countries and plan lessons and activities to cover them over the holiday season. Among other activities, think about completing some Christmas crafts. For example, if you're studying England, you can make your own Christmas crackers or if you're studying Germany, you can make Weihnacht angels. You can hear the inspiring folklore of Befana from Italy. There are lots of tutorials and printable templates for Christmas crafts around the world readily available online.


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