Healthy Easter Snacks Preschoolers Will Love

Many Easter treats are filled with refined sugars that can negatively impact your child’s health. Prepare a snack that includes healthy nutrients and natural ingredients as an alternative to those sugary treats. Here are some fun snack ideas you can try this Easter to keep your children healthy and energized! 

Healthy Easter Snacks Preschoolers Will Love

Cheese-and-Cracker Chicks

Nothing is cuter than Easter chicks! This snack is simple to prepare. Take wheat crackers and top it with sliced cheese circles. Use carrots for the head feathers, nose, and feet. Black food coloring can be used to mark the eyes, and create a nest with a bed of baby spinach. 

Carrot Veggie Pizzas

As a healthy appetizer for your children, try making these carrot-shaped veggie pizzas. This snack includes carrot-shaped dough topped with shredded carrots, veggie cream cheese, and broccoli heads.  

One of the best things about this snack is that you can keep it in the refrigerator for up to 2 days, so you can prepare them the day before your Easter celebration. 

Bunny Pancakes

These adorable little fluffy bunny cakes are easy to make and the best snack for the Easter morning. Draw a bunny on the skillet with white and pink pancake batter squirt bottles. Use berries to make the eyes and nose and berry juice instead of red food coloring to color the pink batter. 

Bunny Bagels

Bagels shaped like bunnies are another fun and healthy snack that your children will love eating. Slice and spread the bagels with cream cheese or peanut butter and use cheese for the teeth and cheeks, pretzel sticks for ears, carrots for the whiskers, and mini chocolate chips, small nuts, or raisins for the eyes. 

Fruit Flower Cracker

Your child will love this cute and tasty Easter dish!Fruit flower crackers are simple to make. All you need is take some higher fiber crackers like Breton or any other whole round grains and spread a little cream cheese. Just make sure to spread the cheese thinly across the cracker. Now place the raspberry in the middle and then put half-cut grapes around the raspberry to form a flower.

Carrot and Broccoli Bars

If you serve carrots and broccoli in a fun way like these bars, they will surely gobble them up quickly. To make this creative fun Easter snack for your children, you need to simply combine crescent roll dough with cream cheese, ranch seasoning, and fresh toppings. Cut the bars into triangle shapes and decorate them with broccoli florets, shredded cheese, and shredded carrot.  

Chicken-and-Egg Cookie Cutter Sandwiches

This fun snack looks like baby chicks breaking out of their shells! Use an egg cookie cutter on whole-wheat bread and a chick cookie cutter on cheese slices. For extra nutrition, you can add some avocado, spinach, and turkey. 

These healthy Easter snacks are sure to get your children hopping to the table! 

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