Fun Activities to Keep Preschoolers Engaged on New Year’s Eve

Are you looking for some fun activities to keep your children engaged and entertained on New Year’s Eve? From interesting crafts to entertaining games, there are a lot of activities that will keep the preschoolers busy until midnight. Make New Year’s Eve special and memorable for your child by letting them participate in the big countdown.

Fun Activities to Keep Preschoolers Engaged on New Year’s Eve

Here are some of the activities your child will enjoy during the New Year’s Eve party:


Fireworks and New Year celebrations are synonymous. It has been a tradition to show firework displays during New Year. If you are going out to watch the New Year midnight fireworks, take them along. They will surely enjoy it. Or, if you are doing it at home, make them attend the celebrations. Be cautious that they do not touch the fireworks but just enjoy the show. It will be great fun for everyone!

Treasure Hunt

A treasure hunt is a very fun activity for children as they love to find something hidden. They can entertain themselves with this game during the New Year. Invite children from the neighborhood to participate in the game. Design this game with appropriate clues to make it interesting. They will simply love it!

Fun Photos

Take a picture of each child with a camera/smartphone. Tell them that the child who makes the best funny face will get a prize. Download the pictures to your laptop or computer and ask the guests to gather around. Now judge them based on the best face and pick a winner!

Marble Race

Create a “trough” by cutting cardboard paper towel rolls. Give each child a trough and organize them in a line. One large marble will be placed in the first child’s paper towel roll. That child will now pass on the marble from their roll to the next one in the line. After that, the child has to run towards the end of the line. The game will continue till the marble drops. The child who drops marble is out of the game, and the last one who stands wins the game.

Party Hats and Noise Makers

Welcome the New Year in style with fun party hats. Help your child make their own party hats. Grab some party hats and ask your child to color or decorate them with glitter. Make some noisemakers and decorate them with stickers, confetti, rhinestones, etc.

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