Fun and Easy Craft Ideas for Kids on the Fourth of July

Jun 29, 2022

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Fun and Easy Craft Ideas for Kids on the Fourth of July Fun and Easy Craft Ideas for Kids on the Fourth of July

Summer is here, and so is summer vacation. With preschools closed and Independence Day approaching, we've got some exciting ideas to keep your young ones busy. We've compiled a list of the best 4th of July craft ideas to keep your preschooler busy while we wait for the big day.

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1. Fourth of July Bracelets

Preschoolers enjoy dressing up in jewelry, so what better way to celebrate Independence Day than to have them make their own? Playdough to Plato's patriotic patterned bracelets is perfect for exercising fine motor skills and are festively designed.

2. Tissue Paper Sparklers

We adore these tissue paper pom poms that you can make with a preschooler (and even younger children can shake them). This simple activity is also suitable for adults who wish to add a little holiday cheer without too much work. 

3.  Star-Spangled Slime DIY

Making slime is not only simple, but the color variants are limitless. Mot Dot's slime lesson combines dazzling blue and red with white to create a vibrantly colored slime perfect for Independence Day.

4.  Fourth of July Paper Rocket

The fireworks display will only last a few minutes, but the kids can spend the entire day playing with these paper rockets from Alpha Mom. The best part is that you most likely already have everything you need because all you need is construction paper, empty toilet paper rolls, scissors, and glue.

5.   DIY Patriotic Table Decor

You can create stylish table decorations for the 4th of July without breaking the bank (or your back). The only things required for this quick and easy DIY are chintzy disposable cups, tissue paper, and a few dollar store deals—yet the resultant picnic table décor is immensely attractive.

6.  Fourth of July Ribbon Wand

Nothing says summer-like youngsters are whirling on the grass, and this Alice and Lois ribbon wand makes it twice as much fun. It's ideal for cheering on the floats in a Fourth of July parade, and it only requires a few items to build.

7. Fourth of July Flashlights

There is always a break between the time night falls and the commencement of the fireworks display, so these flashlights for kids from Stuffed Suitcase are an excellent way to fill the void. You may be more creative if you have a cutting machine, but you can also make the stencils with paper punches. 

These are just some of the 4th of July craft ideas your kids can enjoy making. You can create your own customizable 4th of July crafts and share them with us too. At First School, we aim to provide a perfect balance between academic and social learning. Our curriculum has been created to enhance kids’ learning through fun activities and programs. Enroll your kids with us today.