Father’s Day: How Preschoolers Can Show Their Love to Dad

Jun 07, 2016

Father's Day

Father’s Day: How Preschoolers Can Show Their Love to Dad Father’s Day: How Preschoolers Can Show Their Love to Dad

Nothing warms a dad’s heart like the affection of his son or daughter. This year, help your pre-schooler surprise their dad with simple but thoughtful gifts that say “I love you.”

fathers day Below are seven gift ideas you can help your preschoolers make for Father’s Day:

Father’s Day Song for Children

Write an original Father’s Day song and record your kids singing it. Post the video on YouTube and send the link to dad while he’s at work.

Father’s Day Hand Print Art

Get a custom giant hand foam glove made for dad with a sweet message such as “No.1 Dad!” Hang the hand foam outside the door before dad arrives home.

Candy Bar Craft

Pack an oversized candy bar and decorate it with different colored markers and craft embellishments. Include a special card message or drawing by your preschooler to show his or her affection for dad.

Make Sock Puppets

Get a stray sock and stuff it with cotton batting to turn it into a playful puppet. Sew three oversized buttons for the eyes and nose and paint the lip outline in a wide smile. Surprise dad when he comes home from work with this new member of the family!

Father’s Day Frame

Use a cardboard to create a picture frame and paint it in bright colors. Frame your child’s photo and add a love message from him or her to daddy!

Kid-Crafted Crown

Use cardstock and chipboard letters to craft a custom crown for dad. Decorate the crown with shiny embellishments and glue up chipboard letters to spell “KING DAD” on top of the crown.

Father’s Day Card with a Difference

Forget the ordinary Father’s Day cards. Buy an oversized card-stock and cut it in a random shape. Paint the borders to create a frame and write “Best Daddy” in chocolate.

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