6 Tips to Prepare Your Child for Success In Preschool

Sending your child to preschool can be just as daunting for you as a parent as it is for your little one. The best thing you can do to make sure it's a successful start for both of you is to prepare them in advance.

child success in preschool

Try these six tips to ensure both of you get the most out of what should be a fun and educational experience:

  • Firstly, don't panic - even if you're only reading this with a week or two to go,that is still enough time to prepare your child. Casual mentions of their teacher's name in conversation, or talking about the kinds of playground or classroom equipment they might have will be enough to make them excited about starting school.

  • Visit during a school day if you can - taking your child to visit during a fun or group activity will have them actively begging to start school immediately!
  • Structure their day - you may already have a good routine at home, but it's worth adding other "this is when we..." segments to their day, perhaps for learning play. If these are at the same time every day, your child will settle into the business of school very quickly.
  • Take advantage of opportunities for active learning - children are like sponges, they absorb new information readily. Seizing chances to tie new experiences and skills together and expand their knowledge will prepare them for a learning environment.
  • Have active play - craft activities such as drawing within lines and using safety scissors are good for preschool preparation, and will give your child confidence.
  • Make sure they know that you will be there to pick them up at the end of the day to limit separation anxiety.

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Dorothy Hastings

Dorothy Hastings is the Director of First School, which are three Preschool and child care centers located throughout Southern California. First School provides a hands-on approach to preschool education and child care programs that emphasizes all around child development. In addition to their intuitive academic approach, First School also focuses on developing a child's social skills and self-confidence, which is made possible in their intimate learning atmosphere.

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