6 Benefits of Keeping Your Child in Shape with Exercises

Mar 17, 2015

Child Health Care

6 Benefits of Keeping Your Child in Shape with Exercises 6 Benefits of Keeping Your Child in Shape with Exercises

Children are the future of the world. The earlier you equip them with proper exercise tips and routines, the better their chances are of living happier, healthier, and more active lives for years to come.

Whether children are exercising in child day care programs or working out alongside Mom and Dad at home, exercise comes with key long-term benefits, including the following:

  1. Stronger Immune System Routine work outs improve the body's capacity to fight off disease, making children less susceptible to everything from common colds to allergies to serious diseases, such as cancer.

  2. Strengthened Cardiovascular System Exercise strengthens the whole cardiovascular system, including the lungs and heart, which reduces the incidence of heart disease.

  3. Increased Blood Flow Exercise brings more blood to all tissues in the body, including the brain, allowing the cells to receive more oxygen and nutrients. Increased blood flow also spurs the body to take metabolism byproducts and toxins out of the cells to recycle them, get rid of them, or use them elsewhere in the body.

  4. Better Breathing and More Sweating When children are active, they breathe better and sweat more. Improved breathing and increased sweating are both great methods for detoxifying the body and keeping it free of harmful elements. Detoxifying the body allows kids to feel fitter and more energized.

  5. Enhanced Brain Functioning Exercise is proven to amplify the brain's metabolism. As a result of better brain functioning, active children have improved memory. This has a direct effect on their education and their general ability to retain new information.

  6. Improved Overall Quality of Life Exercises reduces anxiety and depression and improves mood and outlook, as well as quality of sleep. All of these factors contribute to living a more productive life that is free of stress and fatigue.

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