Safety-Ideas for Preschoolers' Field-Trips

Field trips are a fun part of every child’s education. They get the opportunity to visit interesting places with their peers and learn something new together. Leaving a classroom’s safety comes with a number of risks which is why it is important to keep a few safety ideas in mind for preschoolers’ field trip.

Have a talk

Before you head out on your field trip, talk to your students about safety. It is important to discuss the importance of not wandering off, not talking to strangers and assure them that you are there if they need anything.

Make them easy to spot

You should make sure that the children wear brightly-colored clothes. This will make them stand out and ensure that you can easily spot them in any type of environment, whether they are outdoors at a park or inside at a children’s museum.

Choose parent chaperones wisely

When you go on a field trip, there should be as many adult eyes as possible – you cannot be everywhere all at once by yourself. While choosing a chaperone, pick a parent who is responsible, mature and firm.

Count heads often

The last thing you want to do is lose a student, so count heads as often as you can. This will help ensure that everyone is accounted for.

Assign each student a partner

Get your students in pairs by assigning each of them a partner. This helps keep things more organized which is important for safety. It will also give them a sense of responsibility.

Research the Destination Before You Initiate the Field Trip

Make certain that the location you've picked is safe and acceptable for small children. If possible, go to the location before announcing the trip. Examine the location for possible risks such as falls, entrapments, choking/poisoning hazards, and so on.

Bring a First Aid Kit During the Trip

It will be beneficial for you to assemble a first aid kit during the trip for kids’ safety. Assign one staff member to always carry it in a backpack.

The contents should include:

  • Disposable gloves
  • Bandages 
  • Gauze pads/rolls and bandage tapes 
  • Scissors and tweezers
  • Eye dressing
  • Water bottle
  • Thermometer 
  • Soap or disposable hand wipes 
  • Sunscreen
  • Emergency medications 
  • List of emergency numbers and parent contact information

Also, have information about any unique health needs or allergies of participating children with you as well.

Prepare a Food Plan that Is Safe and Nutritious

Make sure to prepare food safely if your trip includes a meal or snack. Children's ability to carry their own backpacks or lunch bags will vary according to how old they are. Adults should carry a nutritious snack and offer it to the kids at the proper times during the trip. Perishable products are not ideal since they must be refrigerated or packed with ice. In case your destination doesn’t have drinking fountains, make sure everyone brings water.

Maintain Basic Hygiene

Even if you are not at your workplace, washing your hands before eating is necessary. Make sure that everyone washes their hands before they start eating. If you don't have access to clean running water on your journey, you might need to bring hand wipes.

With these tips, you can make sure that you and your preschoolers have a fun field trip. You can give them a day of fun and learning without any worries.

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Dorothy Hastings

Dorothy Hastings is the Director of First School, which are three Preschool and child care centers located throughout Southern California. First School provides a hands-on approach to preschool education and child care programs that emphasizes all around child development. In addition to their intuitive academic approach, First School also focuses on developing a child's social skills and self-confidence, which is made possible in their intimate learning atmosphere.

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