5 Safe Sites for Your Kids to Sharpen Their Social Networking Skills

We revolve around all things social - from Facebook to Twitter and other sites. These sites are not for children under a certain age though – which usually becomes a topic of conversation for your little ones. The “why can’t I join” question comes up a lot. Instead of just saying no, you could consider letting them join a site that is specifically for kids. These sites take care of parental worries such as bullying, the use of bad language and much more.


If you want your kids to be social, but safe, these sites mentioned below are some of the best sites online for the younger generation:


It is a photo sharing social media app that offers children a unique social experience in a safe environment. Children can share their edited pictures with their friends who can like, react, and comment on them. Photos are monitored to ensure they are appropriate.


This offers children a safe environment to interact and play online. It also has a parental control area and allows 14-day parental verification of kids’ content. Children can meet new friends, hang out, and play safely.

Scuttle Pad

It is a social network for children between 6-11 years of age. Children can add friends, update statuses through word lists (pre-defined) and upload photos. All photos are reviewed manually. Pre-defined word lists prevent usage of profane language on the site.

Franktown Rocks

If your child loves music, they will really enjoy this website because it’s geared towards music. Kids can also play games and earn franks when they win. These franks can be used to buy items in the virtual world FTR.


This is an iOS application that has moderated chatrooms and encourages your child to be creative. In this app, children can express themselves by posting comments in forums, blogs, and etc. There are many interesting articles to read and fun games to play. To provide further protection, all content is moderated strictly with the help of filters that remove any inappropriate content.

PlayKids Talk

This is a safe instant messaging app for kids that helps them learn online communication more effectively. Using this application, children can decorate their photos and send emojis to their family and friends. This app also has several in-built safety features. For example, to set up a child's account in PlayKids Talk, the parents must verify their child’s age. In addition, parents can also access all features of the child's account, such as their profiles and contacts on their phones. This makes it easy for the parents to keep track of what is being shared in real-time. 


GoBubble is a social media app for kids under 13 years on both iOS and Android platforms. What’s interesting is that the schools are signing up their young students with parental approval, in order to provide a safer enviornment. This app has a web interface as well as an app version that offers a free trial for the first two weeks, followed by a small monthly fee. GoBubble has a live moderation team to review children's messages and remove any objectionable content immediately to ensure that your child can text safely.


Togetherville is a social network platform for children under 10 where they can spend time with friends and have fun with selected YouTube videos, creative projects, and games. Similar to Facebook, it has features like sending hearts and gifts using virtual currency. This site facilitates parents’ participation in their children’s sign-up and friend selection processes and allows them to view their child’s social activity to ensure optimal use of the site.

What’s What

This site is intended for children between ages 8 and 14. Children can make friends in their grade, send messages, create and join fun groups, and view their friends’ profiles. While children can interact with unknown people, they cannot make friends with people beyond their age group without their parents’ permission. Parents can edit or delete their children’s profiles at any time and everything posted on the site is monitored to ensure appropriate social behavior. 

Let your child join one of these social media sites to provide them with a safe social networking experience!


Dorothy Hastings

Dorothy Hastings is the Director of First School, which are three Preschool and child care centers located throughout Southern California. First School provides a hands-on approach to preschool education and child care programs that emphasizes all around child development. In addition to their intuitive academic approach, First School also focuses on developing a child's social skills and self-confidence, which is made possible in their intimate learning atmosphere.

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