Crucial Points Can Take You to the Best Day Care Center Near You

Day care centers are a well-structured and well-supervised form of child care that ensures a child is given proper attention, education and training. These high quality services can be very beneficial to a child’s development. Day care centers have come a long way. Initially, it was for those handfuls of busy individuals who that did not have time to properly care for their children. 

Now, it has become a need for the majority since most of the parents work full time. It is a big responsibility to take proper care of the child. All day care centers promise to provide the best service possible, but parents must consider these 5 crucial points before choosing the one for their children:

Parents should follow these 8 tips before choosing the best day care center for their children.

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1. Policy Check

It is very essential to check their policies on different issues. Some important questions you can ask in this regard are:

  • Are children scolded?
  • How much TV exposure is allowed?
  • What kind of snacks and drinks are provided?
  • What is their sick-child policy?

2. Commitment

It is important to find out the duration of the commitment. If you need an in-home caregiver, ask the person to make a commitment of at least 1 year. If you are planning to admit your child to a daycare center, then it would be advisable to find out how long the current caregivers have been working there.

3. Observe the Behavior of Caregivers

Whenever you visit a daycare center, carefully observe the behavior of caregivers towards children. It is a must for a caregiver to be child-loving, interactive, and caring.

4. Hygiene

You need to check the hygiene standards maintained by the day care center. It is important to check how healthy the food served to children is. The food should be cooked in a clean and healthy environment.

5. Self-Research

You should do your own research. Call the parents of other children and ask about the day care center and its practices. It will definitely help you and make your decision-making process an easy one.

6. Ask Comprehensive Questions

It is important to know about the childcare center’s philosophy on education and discipline, as well as its emergency preparedness. Set up a meeting with the director and staff of the day care center and ask them these questions.

7. Watch Out for Warning Signs

If you found some red flags during your observation, do not ignore it. If you feel something’s not right or the children are not properly cared for, look for another day care center.

8. Surprise Visit

Nothing is better than a surprise visit to the day care center without prior information. You can check how the day care staff is looking after the children when they are not expecting a surprise visit from any of the parents.


Dorothy Hastings

Dorothy Hastings is the Director of First School, which are three Preschool and child care centers located throughout Southern California. First School provides a hands-on approach to preschool education and child care programs that emphasizes all around child development. In addition to their intuitive academic approach, First School also focuses on developing a child's social skills and self-confidence, which is made possible in their intimate learning atmosphere.

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